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Click the Image Above to Start Your Application!

Apply and be approved

Text 15970 to 48078. You will then be sent a fast and convenient application to fill out. Once you have summited the application, it only takes seconds to know if you have been approved. 

Once you've been approved, you'll instantly receive an amount that is you are approved for.

With this approval you can start shopping! Feel free to start putting all the items you are wanting in your cart. Your order has to be minimum $250.00 and allowed 10% over your approved amount.  

Check Out!

Once you have everything you are purchasing in your cart you can start your check out process. When you are checking out, check the Snap Financing payment option to complete your order. Then you will need to call in to your shop at 775-513-8199 to complete your order. There is an application fee for using Snap Financing which is usually $39.00 but might vary depending on your state. Once that has been paid all that is left is signing the document.