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Unveiling Gately Audio's Carbon Fiber Embossed Subwoofer Series: Superior Sound, Advanced Design


Introducing the Gately Audio Relentless Subwoofer Series, a fusion of advanced design and superior sound. Featuring a carbon fiber embossed dustcap and cone, paired with a high-roll surround, these subwoofers deliver robustness and unmatched audio resonance. The sleek black powder-coated basket with cylindrical black motor spacers ensures both durability and visual appeal. The dual progressive Nomex spiders with stitched oversized flat wound tinsel leads guarantee reliable performance, even under extreme conditions. The 18” direct leads use 12 ga OFC (red/black) Sky High Car Audio wire, enabling seamless connectivity and optimal signal transfer. The Relentless 6.5” and 8” subwoofers sport high-temp copper wound voice coils (2.0” for 6.5” and 2.5” for 8”) for superior heat dissipation and lasting performance, and the 8” subwoofers feature a motor structure with a powerful 3-layer Y35 ferrite magnet, delivering impactful bass.

All Gately subs come with an embossed and plain rubber gasket, providing versatile installation options and a secure fit.

Elevate your sound experience with the Gately Audio Carbon Fiber Embossed Subwoofer Series - redefining quality and performance in audio engineering.