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A 4500 Watt Mono Block BEAST!


Revolutionize your audio experience with the game-changing amplifier in the 5,000-watt segment! Featuring an innovative board designed to support up to 16 volts, this amplifier boasts seemingly boundless power potential and output capabilities. At SoundQubed, our primary objectives encompass reliability, affordability, and unwavering quality, ensuring longevity as a hallmark of our products. Rigorous testing led us to engineer an amplifier capable of effortlessly enduring daily, rigorous use, surpassing even our highest expectations.

Enter the Q1-4500 V2, an amplifier tailored for those seeking compact design without compromising on power (4500 watts, to be precise). Crafted in Korea for sturdiness and resilience, this amplifier embodies our stringent quality standards. Embrace confidence in your choice—choose the Q1-4500 V2. With our dedication to excellence, rest assured, you simply can't make a wrong decision with this amplifier!