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Trinity Audio Solutions M Series Subwoofers: Unrivaled Bass Performance with Unmatched Clarity


Wanna get loud without breaking your bank? Look no further. Arguably one of the most beast 12" subwoofers any bass head could ever ask for. So much is packed into this driver, what's not to enjoy about it! Crafted for the true bass aficionado seeking a blend of powerful, clean bass without compromising on clarity or performance, the M Series Subwoofers redefine excellence. These subwoofers feature premium cast aluminum high excursion baskets, meticulously designed for optimized airflow, ensuring exceptional performance.

Built to deliver unparalleled sound, the M Series Subwoofers boast triple stacked high-density ferrite magnets, SPL-rated composite paper cones, and soft compliance triple-layer stretch foam surrounds, all complemented by a progressive roll spider pack. This unique combination of features sets a new benchmark for performance in this price segment, offering an unmatched audio experience.

Available in both 12” and 15” models, the M Series Subwoofers come with dual 1 ohm or dual 2 ohm voice coils. Designed to handle substantial power, their rigid structure and Cool Flow flared vent backplate motor enhance heat dissipation, ensuring extended play times without compromising on performance.

Discover the pinnacle of bass excellence with Trinity Audio Solutions M Series Subwoofers, where power meets precision to elevate your audio experience to unprecedented levels."