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BEHOLD! The Soundqubed S1-2250 Monoblock Amplifier!


The S1-2250.1 monoblock car amplifier follows the impressive legacy of its predecessor, the renowned S1-2250. Boasting enhanced heat sinking and upgraded circuitry, this powerhouse ensures improved performance and durability. Its advanced heat reduction system, paired with a heavy-duty printed circuit board, effectively maintains a low operating temperature, safeguarding against internal damage.

Crafted with high-quality Class D amplifier design, it guarantees minimal total harmonic distortion while preserving the car's integrity. To unleash its full potential, an upgraded electrical charging system is recommended. Delivering an astounding 2800 watts at 1 ohm on 16 volts and 2300 watts at 14.4 volts, this monoblock is primed for driving HDS2.2’s, HDS3.2’s, or HDX3 subwoofers within the 1200 Watts RMS and 1500 Watts RMS Power Bands.

Strappable for 4600 watts at 2 ohms, this budget-friendly powerhouse is competition-ready, ensuring maximum performance for your car stereo. Featuring screw terminals compatible with 1/0 AWG power wire and up to 10 gauge speaker wire, it offers versatility in installation. The included remote gain control knob and LED indicator provide protection against clipping signals, safeguarding your gear from potential damage. Maximize your amplifier's lifespan while maintaining precision control with the S1-2250.1 and VM-1 voltage monitor, ensuring optimal performance from heavy beats to subtle tones.