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DC Audio Level 6 18"


The Lv6m2 is a continuation of the only 4 inch coil subwoofer DC has ever produced.

With a world that has access to amplifiers of today's size we knew we needed a subwoofer that could keep up.

We looked at this the same way we looked at the Lv5m2. Cooling, Motor Force , SQ and the ability to smash out the lows with an undiscriminating amount of impact were on the top of the list. 

The Lv6m2 will find itself at home in the SPL lanes or slappin' down your hometown's cruise strip.

To really step it up with this driver, take a look at the Carbon Fiber cone and dustcap options available for it.

Key Features 
• Extremely rigid non-pressed paper cone assembly
• Multilayered reinforced polymer foam surround
• Dome propylene dust cover with White DC logo
• 9” OD Linear roll spiders
• 16 Extra heavy duty interweaved tinsel lead wire
• Cast aluminum black frame
• FEA analyzed and optimized motor assembly – Fully CNC machined
• Rubber mounting gasket
• 8 AWG Direct leads
• DVC 4.0” 8 Layer Hi-temp Aluminum voice coil wound on a reinforced  stainless steel voice coil former with high current input strips.



Mounting Depth 11.5"
Mounting Hole Diameter 16.75"
Outside Driver Diameter 18.5"
Motor Width 9.84"
Weight 85lbs
VC Diameter 4"
Displacement .26³ ft
Magnet Weight 80lbs
Power Handling RMS/Peak 4500/9000
Impedance (Ohm) D.7/D1/D1.4/D2
Sd 1217cm²
Vas 67.02 liters
Cms 0.0325mm/n
Mms 588.52g
Fs 36.4
BL 36.25N/A
Re 4.02 Ohm
Le 7.5mH
Qms 22.43
Qes .0416
Qts .409
Xmax 31.25 mm
Ref SPL @ 1 watt 90.7dB
Suggested Sealed N/A
Suggested Ported  6³ ft

Warranty Information: LENGTH OF WARRANTY
DC Audio Products are covered by warranty for 1 year from date of purchase on parts and labor.
This applies to the original purchaser only. Warranties are non-transferable.

From the date of original purchase and for the respective period, specified above.
DC Audio agrees to repair or replace all DC Audio products, which are defective in material
and/or workmanship. This warranty is not transferable and applies only to the original purchaser of the product. No Exceptions. It is DC Audio’s right to decide if a product will be repaired or replaced.

All returns must be sent with an RA # on the outside of the box. Any and all products sent without a RA will be refused. An RA # can be obtained by calling DC Audio and requesting the number.

Warranty claims must be accompanied by the original invoice to validate the warranty service.

This warranty does not apply with respect to the following:

DC Audio’s warranty does not cover burned/open voice coils or lead wires,
ripped surrounds or folded cones. These are all immediate signs of abuse/over powering.
It does not cover products driven over their mechanical limits.
Defects or damage caused by accident, fire, flood, and lightning or other acts of God.
Defects or damage caused by abuse, misuse, or negligence.
Products with voice coils that have failed due to excessive power levels or clipping, i.e. burned or open coils or lead wires.
Damage caused during shipping or handling. These claims are made with the Freight Company.
Accessories or anything else attached to or to be used with DC Audio products.
Products that have their serial numbers removed or altered.
Packing materials i.e. card board boxes, foam inserts, corners, peanuts, etc.
Adjustments or alterations required for any reason.
Items subject to fatigue through normal wear and use.
Product, which has been altered or repaired by anyone other than DC Audio.

All speakers, loudspeakers, subwoofers that have been re-coned by DC Audio will continue under warranty until the full 1 year warranty has expired. Any re-cone not performed at DC Audio by an authorized DC Audio worker is not covered under warranty. The end consumer accepts the responsibility and liability of knowing this speaker, loudspeaker, subwoofer no longer falls under DC Audio’s warranty program when the re-cones they purchased and/or the labor was performed by the end consumer.

Amplifiers will not be covered under warranty if ran below their rated ohm load or if underpowered in any way. DC Audio has a "Recommended for Installation" section on each amplifiers web page. These need to be followed in order to ensure the amplifier will operate properly. Failure to do so can decrease the life of the amplifier and void your warranty.
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